A photograph of Barry Schultz swimming freestyle

Barry Schultz Swimming

This workout should take about an hour. I did this workout when I was just getting back into swimming and found it rather difficult at the time. One thing I tended to do a lot when I first got back in the pool, after years out of it, was neglect all the strokes other than freestyle. This is why I really liked this set, even though it nearly finished me off for good; it got me swimming all four strokes for a change.

Warm up (continuous swimming) 4 x 100m :

  • 100 metres freestyle,
  • 100m kick,
  • 100m pull,
  • 100m freestyle.                                                                                                                                                             
  • Total 400m

Drills (10 seconds rest between strokes) 4 x 100m twice :

  • Butterfly – 25m kick, 25m one arm, 25m other arm, 25m full stroke.
  • Backstroke – 25m kick, 25m one arm, 25m other arm, 25m full stroke.
  • Breaststroke – 25m kick, 25m 2 kick to 1 pull, 25m 1 kick to 2 pulls, 25m full stroke.
  • Freestyle – 25m kick, 25m one arm, 25m other arm, 25m full stroke.
  • Repeat.
  • Total 800m


Main set (repeats on 30 seconds) 8 x 50m twice :

  •  25m butterfly and 25m backstroke.
  •  25m backstroke and 25m breaststroke.
  •  25m breaststroke and 25m freestyle.
  •  25m freestyle and 25m butterfly.
  •  Repeat.
  • Total 800m

Main set continued (repeats on 3:45) 3 x 200m :

  • 200m freestyle on 3:45
  • Repeat twice
  • Total 600m   

Warm down 200m easy swimming :

  • 200m steady swim.
  • Total 200m

Total 2400m

If you plan on attempting this workout, please be sure to read this disclaimer before you do. If you have tried or plan on trying this program I would be very interested in knowing what you think of it. Bearing in mind this is aimed at someone who is just getting back in the water, was it too hard, not hard enough, or just boring? Anyway, if you do try it, I hope you enjoy it. As that is the whole point of working out as far as I am concerned – it’s supposed to be fun.



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