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M150 Data, computing and information

Course: M150 Data, computing and information (Completed)

Level: 1

Credit Point: 30

Start Date: 29 September 2007

Overall module result: Pass

Overall Continuous Assessment Score (OCAS): 86%

Overall Assessment Score (OAS): 86%

Assignment Score
CMA 41 90
TMA 01 86
TMA 02 92
TMA 03 93
TMA 04 83
TMA 05 77

This was the first OU course I studied and I must admit to really enjoying it. Sure, it was a bit on the basic side, but after succeeding in not using my brain once since leaving school, this course was tough enough to begin with. The course covered a bit of HTML, JavaScript, the differences between data and information and some of the history of computing. I was very pleased with the result I achieved after not doing any kind of study for many years. I would have recommended this course, but it has now been discontinued and is no longer offered by the OU.


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