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MU120 Open Mathematics

Course: MU120 Open mathematics (completed) 


Credit Point: 30

Start Date: 26 January 2008

Overall module result: Pass 

Overall Continuous Assessment Score (OCAS): 87%

Overall Assessment Score (OAS): 87%

Assignment Score
CMA 41 95
CMA 42 96
CMA 43 76
CMA 44 93
CMA 45 87
CMA 45 Received
TMA 01 79
TMA 03 83
TMA 04 97

This was the second course I studied with the Open University, and to be honest I found this one a bit of a struggle. At the time, I was still in the process of getting used to studying again. The other course I was doing at the time (M150) was just starting to get interesting when this one kicked off. So I had kind of gone from zero to hero; having done no study at all for years and years to working on two courses at once. Oh, and a full time job! Added to all of this is the fact that maths was never one my strengths. In fact I hated maths at school. However, I found that MU120 gave me a solid enough grounding in maths to allow me to be able to get on with the required level two computing courses.

One of the difficulties I had with this course was that all the assignments had to be hand written and posted to the tutor. Oh, and then there was the calculator. In order to be able to study this course I had to buy a specific calculator; one on which I could draw graphs. I can’t really remember the exact price I paid for it, but I think the calculator cost me over £65, which I thought was quite a lot of money to spend, considering this was going to be the only maths course I would ever study. Then the course materials arrived and I found the supplied calculator guide and in an instant, the cost of the calculator became the least of my worries. This book was huge! Well not really, but it was quite big. This book became the bane of my life for nine months. I would look at the course units and draw up my study plan based on the subject matter and number of pages in each unit; a technique I was putting to excellent use on M150. The problem was that I kept coming across sections in the text that would say something like refer to the calculator guide before attempting this next section, and just like that, 10 extra pages of reading. Scrap the study plan, and start again.

I really don’t mean to be negative about this course as on some level I actually quite enjoyed it, and had I not done it, I would have come unstuck on some of the courses that followed. I was pleased with the grade I got, but found that I did really have to work hard for it. Again, I would have recommended this course but I believe that the Open University have withdrawn it from their prospectus.



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