A photographs of my summer running gear laid out

My summer running gear

  1. Adidas Clima 365 breathable running cap – a true life saviour when it comes to keeping the rain or sun out of my eyes while running.
  2. Shower gel and shampoo 2 in 1 – pretty obvious what this is about, being a 2 in 1 saves on space.
  3. Deodorant – again pretty obvious; one’s got to smell good after all.
  4. Nike Dri-Fit breathable lightweight running shirt – this shirt is great, almost the whole back panel of this shirt is covered in tiny holes to let the heat out, and the Dri-Fit material is supposed to keep your skin dry from sweat as it sucks it to the outer surface where it can evaporate. I’m not too sure if all that actually happens, but it does sound pretty cool.
  5. Addidas CLIMACOOL running shirt – my favourite running shirt. This shirt is well ventilated, and keeps you dry while running. It’s just an incredibly comfortable running shirt.
  6. Nike Fit running shirt. I don’t actually know much about this shirt as my wife gave it to me. She was given it in one of those goody bags they hand out at the end of a race held by the local branch Sweatshop. It was way too big for her so I scored a pretty good new shirt without even having to run the 10 km.
  7. Garmin heart rate monitor – works well and fits very comfortably.
  8. Ipod nano 8GB with FM radio – this was a great investment. Actually, it was a great investment in a birthday present for my wife as it’s hers, but I get to use it. Sometimes I really do think I am genius! I tend to either use it to listen to the radio or an audio book; I think I’ll be polite and just say that we have somewhat different tastes in music.
  9. Under Armour compression shorts – once I tried these shorts ,I realised that I could never again live without a pair of these in my kitbag. Wearing a pair of Under Armour compression shorts truly does allow you to say good-bye to chafe. They are breathable, keep you dry and very comfortable. I do still have to wear a pair of normal running shorts over the top of these, for reasons of modesty. I’m really not very comfortable, even coming from a swimming background, with my bits just hanging out there for the world to see, but that’s just me.
  10. Garmin Forerunner 305 GPS watch – another training aid (gadget) I could not live without. Again this watch is actually my wife’s but I use it whenever I can. Being able to keep an eye on your current pace, distance travelled, heart rate, lap time, total time trained, the number of calories burned and much more; all while training, is really cool. It comes with a software package that allows you to plan routes and track your training progress, but I have never really used it much. Oh, and did I mention that it only weighs 77 grams! You see, I tend to get a bit excited over things with screens and buttons. In fact I can spend most of a run playing with the thing and not noticing the pain I’m in – it’s great! My only concern with this watch is that I might one day get myself run over.
  11. Asics Gel GT – 2140 – While I can’t truthfully claim that these shoes once saved my life, I can state with hand on heart, that they did make running possible again after several injuries. After getting shin splints twice, I had just about given up on running. My wife insisted that I rested until the injury cleared up and made me go and have gait analysis done. So I did as I was told, as you do. It turned out that I needed corective shoes, and was sold a pair of Asics Gel GT – 2140 which are recommended for neutral to mild over pronators. Apparently, I’m one of those. After all, who was I to argue with a man that had a really cool laptop hooked up to a high speed camera and a treadmill all at the same time – surely he knows what he’s talking about; how could he not, just look at all the buttons he’s been entrusted with. Anyway it turns out he was right, I have never felt another twinge, of any sort, ever again.

Well, there you have it. That’s pretty much all the kit I use for running during the summer. Should the contents of my kitbag change in any way, or should I try out something different I’ll keep you posted.

So what do you think? Have you tried any of this gear? What do you have in your summer running kit bag? Do you have any suggestions on things I should be trying? What’s you favourite piece of kit or gadget, and what piece of kit or gadget is at the top of your wish list?


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