As I’m sure you can tell by having a quick peak in your own kitbag; its contents are not all that different to your summer kitbag. For this reason I will be fairly brief about quite a few things in this image, as I have already discussd them in detail in the post about my summer running kit. That said, lets get to it.

A Photograph of my winter running gear

My winter running gear

  1. Adidas Clima 365 breathable running cap.
  2. Shower gel and shampoo.
  3. Deodorant.
  4. Adidas Supernova Converter Jacket SS11 – a comfortable running jacket that will keep you warm and dry in cold, wet weather. The surprising thing I found about this jacket is that it somehow manages to keep you cool at the same time, and that’s before before you unzip and remove the sleeves. This running garment only gets more comfortable with the sleeves off. You see, that’s probably the only problem I have with this jacket; the zips on the sleeves can feel a little chunky in the underarm area. That said, I do still love my running jacket and would not give it up for anything on a chilli morning. All in all I’m pleased to own this jacket.
  5. Ron Hill Hi-Visibility bib – Ok, you’re not going to win any style contests in this beauty, but it just might keep you alive. Well that’s what they tell us anyway. But I suppose when you consider how much running clothing is made using black material, and how many runners train at night; they’ve probably got a point. I chose this Hi-vis bib as it’s incredibly light, non-restrictive and cheap. Once it’s on you don’t even know you’re wearing it – until you glance in the mirror, that is, and suddenly realise that those staring people were not admiring your ultra smooth and efficient technique. The bib has no sides to it and is also made of a really fine mesh, so it literally could not be better ventilated. Basically, if you are looking for a really good piece of Hi-vis training gear, you could do a lot worse than this – just don’t try to make eye with that attractive stranger on the corner, and remember you don’t look cool. Just keep your eye on the pavement and get the job at hand done – you can try and repair your damaged street credibility later; once you’ve changed and showered.
  6. Garmin heart rate monitor.
  7. Ipod nano 8GB with FM radio.
  8. Garmin Forerunner 305 GPS watch.
  9. Ron Hill Hi-visibility gloves – These gloves are great. Warm, yet breathable with a waterproof layer that you can fold away into a pocket on the back of the hand when you don’t need it. When the waterproof layer is in use it turns the glove into a kind of mitten, not cool in any way, but your hands do stay dry. As I’m sure you’ve noticed from the photo above, there is Hi-vis material in between the fingers, which is great for safety. Or is it? I have my doubts. The first time I ran with these gloves on I must have spent three quarters of my time staring at my hands and not watching where I was going. They really do catch the eye, and no, not in a cool way. But how can you fault being visible to drivers and having warm, dry and comfortable hands on a winter’s morning?
  10. Adidas Respose Formtion running tights – to be honest I resisted getting a pair of these for as long as I could. I thought I would look a bit ridiculous in them. The truth is I probably do, but I just don’t care. They are so comfortable it’s like running down the street in your birthday suit, but without the fear of having to explain to your wife or the police what you were thinking at the time. They have excellent stretch and are very breathable due to being constructed of the lightweight Climacool material, which moves heat and moisture away from your skin to keep you dry while training. There are zips at the ankles which makes putting them on and taking them off a breeze. If you were looking for a pair of running tights, I would definitely recommend getting a pair of these.
  11. Asics Gel GT – 2140 trainers.

As always I would love to hear your opinions. So, what’s in your winter kit bag? Do you have favourite items running clothing  that you would recommend? Or any that you have tried and would advise the rest of us to avoid?




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