A photograph of a Mountain Life Volt 50L rucksack

My kit bag - Mountain Life Volt 50L rucksack

  1. Mountain Life Volt 50L rucksack  – I love this bag. Even if it does make me look like a teenage mutant ninja turtle while cycling down the road. It has enough room in it to carry my entire swimming kit, including two drinks bottles. It’s light weight, waterproof and comfortable on the back and shoulders – even when fully loaded. It’s so comfortable in fact that I sometimes run to work with it on my back, with my work clothes and lunch box in it without any problems. It has two compartments, a large main one and a smaller one on the front, as well as a chest strap and a waist strap. I never empty the smaller of the compartments; I always keep my wallet and all the smaller bits and pieces for swimming in there at all times. There is no particular reason for this other than me being lazy. The larger of the compartments is huge – big enough to take my humongous towel, kickboard, pull buoy and fins without a problem. There is also a little pouch at the bottom of the bag that has a folded up elasticated waterproof cover. I’ve never actually used this, but when I finally get myself out for a hike up a mountain or through the countryside I will. I always see rambler types with their bags covered with these things and thought, one day I’ll do that – seeing as my bag can. Probably not the best of reasons to take up hiking but it’s a start.
  2. 2 and 3 I have no idea how these drinks bottles made it into so many photos.

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