My plans for the near future

A new year, a new me! How’s that for an original thought? I bet you never heard that statement before.

The problem is it’s not really accurate. It should probably read something more along the lines of a new year a new me, nearly and sort of. You see it’s been a little while since the new year began (18 days to be precise), and I’m not really looking to become a new person; just the person I was last year. Confused yet? Good because so am I.

I’m sure the fact that it’s no longer the new year period has not escaped you. If it had, you should probably take it a little easier next new year’s eve. You see, I’m not really looking to change myself or become some completely different person. There will be no diets, no gym membership and no new lifestyle. All I plan on doing is getting myself back into, or as close to as possible, the training regime that I was in prior to the birth of my son. When my son Jacob was bor,n all the training I was doing came to an abrupt halt.

At the time I was swimming with the club three or four times a week, racking up about seven and a half hours in the pool a week. This might seem like a lot to some, but pathetic to others. I found it was just right for a part-time student with a full-time job and a wife, all of which I wanted to give as much of my time to as possible – especially my wife, she’s my best friend and was pregnant after all. Probably not the job though – I’m strictly nine to five kind of guy. I was also running to work and back twice a week, which equates to four 3.8 mile runs a week. Oh and the odd hour long waddle with my wife. On the other three days I would cycle to and from work. So all in all I was doing a fair bit of excercise. Well, not any more. I have done absolutely no exercise since the end of November 2011.

The good news is that my son has settled into a stable and pretty predictable routine. His routine is now so predictable that my wife has started easing back into her running again.

My plan

I have added a new section to the site today where I will be keeping a training log so you can keep an eye on what I’m currently doing. If you’re interested that is.

As a means of driving myself forward I have signed up for a runners bar code with the Parkruns here in Cambridge, and plan on doing my first one next Saturday. This will be no great performance, but it will give me a good indication of where I am fitness wise at the moment. I plan to take part in the 5 km Parkrun every other Saturday and will be posting all my results here. I will only be doing every second one as my wife and I plan to alternate Saturdays so we can take turns looking after our son.


To get things in the pool back on track I will be attending two club training sessions a week, totalling three and a half hours. While this is a lot less time spent in the pool than I was managing, I think it’s enough. I will be going for quality rather than quantity and making every minute count by training as hard as I can. I will be concentrating on improving my stamina, stroke efficiency and turns. While turns are not particularly important for triathlons, with most of the swims being open water, they will come in handy for the masters swimming meets I plan on attending.


As far as running goes I will be doing a 5 km run every day and the Parkruns on every other Saturday. Once I have a few of these under my belt I will be joining a local running club; the one my wife runs for. I don’t really have a clear time scale for this as I need to feel capable and it also depends on when my wife feels up to returning to club training sessions.


This is the weakest part of my plan, because there’s not really much of a plan to speak of. I will be cycling to and from work, as I did before, but I would like to add a good ride on the weekends. The plan I have at the moment is to have a nice long ride on Sundays. I just hope this does not clash with my swimming, as one of the sessions at the pool will be on Sunday nights.

Well there you have it, that’s my great plan. Not really a master plan or anything but it will do for now. Remember to keep an eye on the new Training Diary for any changes and updates.


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