Date: 15.01.2012

Time: about 35 mins.

Distance: 5.42km.

Average pace: N/A.


I have no idea why it is that when I woke up this morning and looked out the window to find that the world had tuned ice-white under a hard frost, the thought that crossed my mind was not ‘it’s too early let’s go back to bed’. Instead I found myself thinking ‘let’s get out there’. Well get out there I certainly did. I had my first run in a very long time and it was great. Sure it hurt a lot more that I would have liked, but that’t ok. I now know that I have a long road to travel before I am fit enough to do a triathlon in a half way decent time.

I didn’t bother with a heart rate monitor or even a watch. I just got out there and ran, slowly. I really wanted to take it slow and ease myself back into exercise. The last thing I want to do is injure myself and have to put all my plans for the year on hold. The fact that the footpaths I was running on were icy and slippery underfoot was something I was acutely aware of the whole time I was out there. So there was no way I was about to go rushing about.

Despite all that I still found the run a little disheartening. The truth is, icy paths or not, I don’t think I could have gone any quicker. My fitness levels really have slipped further than I thought they would. I felt fine and in control of both my stride and my breathing for the first 2.5 to 3 km, but then the wheels came off, as they say. I found that I was breathing a lot harder than I normally would, and my foot falls were loud and stomping rather than light and controlled. In a way I am relieved that I did not have the Garmin GPS watch with me; I think being able to see live emperical data on my performance might have caused me to just give up and walk.

Other than that I must say that I do enjoy running on cold mornings. It seems to take a lot longer for me to get to the point where I begin sweating. It was also nice to be reminded of that feeling you get when drinking a glass of cold water after a good workout and a hot shower. I love it!

All that really remains to be said it that I’m back!


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