A photograph of a pair of running shoes and Xtenex laces

My new Xtenex laces

I think I really have gone on about how much I love my running shoes quite enough. Unfortunately, it’s not all been plain sailing. I have had a few problems with the laces. Probably all my fault, mind you. Every time I go running, one or the other of the laces comes undone. After trying what felt like every knot from the scout knot book and the fly fisherman’s guide to tying flies combined, I had had enough.

So had my wife. She had had enough of my whining about it and constantly having to stop to tie my laces while we were out running together. She was convinced that I was actually tired and just trying to cover it up. I wasn’t, well not all the time anyway. So her solution was to buy me some new laces for Christmas.

She decided to get the Xtenex laces, on the advice of the bloke in the shop. They are fairly easy to fit, and work a treat, and most importantly – I have not had to stop and tie a lace since I put them in my shoes. The down side is that the next time we run together I had better be able to keep pace with her as I now don’t have an excuse to stop and have a sneaky breather.

One thing I will say about the Xtenex laces that is slightly on the negative side is that they can be very uncomfortable if you don’t fit them correctly. When I first fitted my pair, I fitted them way too tight. After the first run with the new laces it felt as though my feet had been crushed. Again this was my fault. The trick is to not think you know it all and actually read the instructions on the pack. I fitted the laces without putting my feet in the shoes first; step one of the instructive of course. This proved to be a big mistake. So be sure to have your feet in the shoes while lacing them up and ensure that there is quite a bit of slack in them once they are fitted.

I love and highly recommend these laces. If you want to fit your pair correctly the first time and not have to suffer unnecessarily like yours truly, you should probably do what I should have done and read the instructions. Failing that you could always look up the official Xtenex laces instructional video (embedded below) and follow the lead of the bloke in it. Be warned however, he does make it seem way too easy.


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