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Sticking with my plan to do a few solo swims before going back to club training I went for my second swim since about early December. I had already been for a run in the morning and was not hoping for anything special. In an attempt to avoid disheartening myself I intentionally did not look at the clock again today. Think of it as some kink of self-defence mechanism.

I approached this swim in exactly the same way that I did the other day. For the warm up I did 500m (20 lengths), but rather than just swim it, I did:

  • 100m steady even paced freestyle
  • 100m freestyle pull, keeping my strokes long and smooth
  • 100m freestyle kick, getting faster each length
  • 100m freestyle pull, keeping my strokes long and smooth
  • 100m steady even paced freestyle

The warm up went well; no problems.

After a one minute rest I swam steadily for 1000m (40 lengths) trying to focus on keeping my breathing even, and my strokes as long and as fluid as possible. I was pleased that I actually managed this quite well, in my opinion anyway. I can’t say whether I would still think that if I could have watched myself from the pool side. My shoulders started to get a little uncomfortable at about the  800m mark (32 lengths), but it felt no where near as bad as it did the other day. I was very pleased with this.

Once again I had a one minute rest and started again. The focus was still the same; even breathing and long, fluid strokes. I think I managed to achieve these goals for most of this set, but the tumble turns were starting to suffer. I was struggling to stay down after the turns. The need to breathe overriding any attempt at controlled streamlining and underwater butterfly kick off the wall. I also ran out of steam earlier on this set; at about the  625m (25 lengths) mark. I really did not want to stop and rest or stop doing tumble turns so I slowed down at this point. The good news is that I did manage to make it to the end without stopping and with my turns intact.

All in all this was a much better swim than the one I had the other day. I felt smoother and more powerful in the water. Although my breathing was not really a problem the other day, I do feel that I was less out of breath. I find it interesting how much quicker I have adapted to swimming again compared to running. It probably has something to do with the fact that I generally did a lot more swimming in the past.

I think I might try a club training session on Sunday night and see how I get on. I will probably have to drop the odd 50 m here and there but I feel my return to club training is long enough overdue.


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