Date: 17.01.2012

Time: about 35 mins.

Distance: 5.42 km.

Average pace: Not sure.

Route: this route was getting boring so I spiced it up and did it in reverse.

It was really cold again this morning! So cold in fact that I got one of those headaches you get from the cold, and that was with a head band. Right about now you’re probably thinking how cool I must have looked. The only thing I can say in my defence is that it was freezing cold and I would rather not lose an ear to frostbite thank you very much. I still looked ridiculous though; my wife keeps telling me that I look like something out of a cheesy eighties glam rock band.

The run started off better than yesterday’s as my legs felt a bit better, but I did feel a few twinges in my lower legs in the early stages. Having had shin splints twice in the past I really don’t want to think what that might mean at the moment. Another slightly strange thing is that I seem to have developed a rather odd burning sensation in my right shoulder and under my right shoulder blade. I say it’s strange because it has not gone away yet. I really do hope this it is not the start of some bizarre injury. I can just imagine telling my mates that I’ve had to put my training plans on hold, or that I can’t go for a run due to a shoulder injury of all things. Seriously, who gets a shoulder injury from jogging as slowly as I have been? I mean come on!

I am still having problems with getting out of breath easier than I would like, however, I did find it easier to concentrate on what I was doing today. After all is said and done it was an OK run; not too bad but nothing special either.

Feeling the way I do at the moment I am a bit concerned about the fact that I have a swim planned for later today. I just hope that I have enough juice in the tank to have a good swim. Wish me luck!


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